YSA – Waiting Game (music video)

Waiting Game is about a relationship that doesn’t work anymore. An on- and off relationship in which YSA gives more then she receives but keeps hoping and waiting for it to work out. But now she’s fed up with this. She doesn’t want to be stringed along anymore.




Director Joëlle Strijk

Producer Julie Bourges

1st AD Kees van Hattum

Camera Carlos Ortiz

Gaffer Kees van Hattum

Gaffer Carlos Ortiz 


Styling Minou Meijers

Hair & Make-up Luna van Herweijnen

PA Ruben Bannet

PA Niels de Waard


Acting coach Yentl Vlachos

Choreography/dancer Bas Goeij

Choreography/dancer Jeroen van den Kerkhoff


Photography Tim Berkelmans

Photography Anastasia Aseeva

BTS Photography Maartje Hublart


Post production  

Grading Luke Osborne @ Glassworks

Edit Joëlle Strijk

Edit Carlos Ortiz

Edit Daan Oskam @ Week9

Title animation Joëlle Strijk