The coral reefs are dying. This is because of human caused global warming. Unless action is taken now to reduce the threats 90% of all reefs will be threatened by 2030 and could be completely gone by 2050. Corals contribute between 50 – 85% of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere.

URBAN CORAL is a conceptual initiative to save the corals by training frags in aquariums in public space to survive warmer water and higher carbon dioxide-levels. When the frags become full-grown corals they will be placed back into the ocean. These frags can be bought by the inhabitants of the city in which the aquariums are placed.

The concept for URBAN CORAL was shown at Rood Kapje during the This Won’t Last exhibition. The project consisted of the website/webshop, posters, packaging which included: a livestream of the ordered coral frags, a faux coral bracelet representing this coral, more information of the species and how your order affects oxygen levels etc.