MTV picked 12 young creative talents for their newest MTV Breaks team. The Breaks team consisted of 3 writers, 3 designers and 3 producers/editors who got a 48 hour workshop by MTV UK in RAAF Rotterdam. At the end of this workshop we had to have MTV’s Discover story ready for that Friday. On 04/11/2016 the 12-part story went live for millions to watch on Snapchat.


MTV Breaks is setting up home in Rotterdam, and we’re going to be handing over control of one of the biggest Snapchat accounts in the world to you guys.




MTV Breaks Rotterdam 2016’s team: Marlieke van Gestel, Casper Lemmens, Freedom Tarley, Yvon van Horck, Sophie-Anne Bradley, Dean Cooman, Michelle ten Cate, Wayne de Boer, Marcus Hersbach and Cheyenne Felizie.