For the band Dirty Edge I created a new logo and album art for their latest EP Live Forever. The new identity had to be able to reflect their growth and sound they had transformed over the years. Combining esthetics of both the skate- and hard rock scene resulted in the raw and hand drawn feeling for both of the projects.



Dirty Edge is a formation of four youngs guys from Gorinchem. They have known each other for about four years because of skateboarding. All four with a great passion for guitar music. Early 2013 they had the idea to rent a rehearsal room and play as much music they could while enjoying a crate of beer. Since the summer of 2013, they seriously started and the name Dirty Edge emerged. Over the years, the singles’ Driftin ” and ‘Live Forever’ was released. Since then they have had several performances in Poppodium GB3 inWateringen, Musicon in The Hague, Xinix in Nieuwendijk and Walhalla Deventer. With their mix of pop, hard rock and metal is very accessible to audiences of all ages.